Revenue Management

Proxima Services Group offers a powerful suite of strategy and consulting tools to help your organization best manage the customer life-cycle. We help you define, measure, and optimize the major facets of serving and growing your clientele. Our custom tailored software solutions work with your existing information architecture by leveraging real-time data needed to identify opportunities for improvement, set growth objectives, as well as track and measure performance against organizational goals.

Customers & Analytics

We know where your customers are. Managing customer mix and target segments data is key to being able to devise an effective sales strategy. We help you analyze relevant data points to help you see the bigger picture. These metrics can provide valuable insight and ensure that data-driven decision making can facilitate intelligent growth strategies.

Operations Strategy

Managing Operational Strategy alongside CRM systems poses a challenge to many growing companies. We help your organization analyze and understand operational procedures, and offer insights on how to optimize operational strategy through identifying opportunities for business process improvements geared toward sustainable growth.


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Proxima Maps is the only web and mobile mapping application for SugarCRM. View appointments in a Calendar or a Route view. Routes include simple turn by turn instructions, Travel times, and the ability to see nearby accounts. Update, postpone, and "complete" appointments. The App will update existing Calls or Meetings. View "Gamified" totals of your daily travel distance. Synch those totals with the SugarCRM platforms to ease expense reimbursement.
Harvestar provides a platform that provides connections between vital agriculture business systems. Connect your core accounting systems to field and on-farm operations to share the Order, Farm and Field data with all parts of your business. The prebuilt connectors are proven and reliable. Organizations simply “turn on” access to data in different parts of your organization, giving order and field information directly to your Sales and Field operations staff. The platform includes options for reporting and analytics that uncovers flaws in your operations that are invisible to single data reporting systems.


Agricultural Innovations

Innovation in agriculture has been a constant part of the industry. Yet today those innovations are impacting the industry faster and more broadly than ever before. How does your organization or business connect to those innovations to improve revenue and reduce costs. Proxima Services Group identifies the latest trends and technologies that are affecting your business directly.

Field Services

Organizing field staff provides the challenge of applying your resources to the right location with the right capacity at the right time. Whether delivering fuel, putting equipment on site, or picking up grain, your business needs to ensure that you are optimizing the use of your equipment and staff and providing the most value added services to your customers.