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Proxima Services Group is a services/consulting organization on the progressive edge of the intersection of technology and agriculture.

We build comprehensive transformation plans and provide ongoing consulting toward the goal of making agriculture pay for those who deserve it the most--farmers and retail companies who support their work, .

The most important things we offer clients: progressive new ideas, practical suggestions, process overhauls, and tech solutions. We focus to have our customers make more money in return for their hard work.

While we have an international footprint, our focus is on those who raise traditional grains in the central United States. We keep an eye on the future of technologies, leaving farmers and retailers to concentrate on growing, selling, and moving those crops.


Let’s face it. These days, farming is as much a mental game as a physical endeavor. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to success in both work and life.

Before you get to the endless toil aspect of nearly any agricultural operation, let’s put some thought into a strategy to make sure you and your farm clients are not wasting one drop of sweat equity.
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