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Proxima Services Group knows your customers and how to reach them. We analyze relevant data points to help you see the bigger picture. These metrics can provide valuable insight and ensure that data-driven decision making facilitates intelligent growth strategies.

It’s not enough to look at online analytics, which is why we also concentrate on real world interactions. Sometimes, you need to go to your customers, not expect them to come to you.

How best to do that? Together, we'll figure out how to best reach them--be it phone calls, face-to-face meetings, email marketing, website content, or social media. We'll help you figure out what works and make it work for you.


Let’s face it. These days, farming is as much a mental game as a physical endeavor. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to success in both work and life.

Before you get to the endless toil aspect of nearly any agricultural operation, let’s put some thought into a strategy to make sure you and your farm clients are not wasting one drop of sweat equity.
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