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The goose that laid the golden egg, operational strategy and process consulting looks at the big picture, then drills down to concrete, actionable ideas. Managing operational strategy alongside CRM systems poses a challenge to many growing companies.

Proxima Service Group helps clients analyze operational procedures in order to understand how they affect the bottom line. We work with you to find the right operational strategy for you. Then, we shepherd you through the implementation process.

We work with you to streamline current procedures and strategies, making them more effective and geared toward sustainable growth. We provide solid, yet innovative, tech solutions, and also provide and manage the software that will increase efficiency and cut down on busy work.


Let’s face it. These days, farming is as much a mental game as a physical endeavor. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to success in both work and life.

Before you get to the endless toil aspect of nearly any agricultural operation, let’s put some thought into a strategy to make sure you and your farm clients are not wasting one drop of sweat equity.
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