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Proxima Maps is the only web and mobile mapping application for SugarCRM. Use it to update, postpone, and complete appointments and/or view them in calendar or route views. Routes include turn-by-turn instructions, travel times, and the ability to connect with other users nearby.

The Proxima Maps app automatically updates existing calls and meetings. Also view simple, video game-like totals of your daily travel distance. It's easy to synchornize those totals with the SugarCRM platform to make expense reimbursement a breeze.


Let’s face it. These days, farming is as much a mental game as a physical endeavor. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to success in both work and life.

Before you get to the endless toil aspect of nearly any agricultural operation, let’s put some thought into a strategy to make sure you and your farm clients are not wasting one drop of sweat equity.
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