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Innovation has been an integral part of agriculture from the first farmer forward. Today, those innovations are impacting the industry faster and more broadly than ever. Our job is to help you connect those innovations. The goal is to improve revenue and reduce cost.

Proxima Services Group identifies the latest trends and technologies affecting agricultural businesses. Whether drones or planters, we work with clients to identify and engage those technologies while staying true to existing business goals.

Innovation in agriculture provides both risk and reward. Let us help you stay in touch with what keeps your business successful for the short and long term.


Let’s face it. These days, farming is as much a mental game as a physical endeavor. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to success in both work and life.

Before you get to the endless toil aspect of nearly any agricultural operation, let’s put some thought into a strategy to make sure you and your farm clients are not wasting one drop of sweat equity.
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